Storytelling History


We research our projects rigorously and extensively to reflect the spirit of our historical topics. Storytelling history requires sensibility and compassion. We write fluid narratives that tie historical facts to compelling stories. For those who have nostalgic hearts and a deep love for the past, you will find our art house documentaries compelling and captivating.

The Use of Paintings
and Still Photographs


The legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has made an art out of the use of still photographs and paintings. At Wallflower, we bring the photographs alive by implementing Ken's techniques. We penetrate the visual footage with an energetic camera eye.

Adding Meaning with
Music and Sounds


Music and sounds are essential elements in art house documentaries. We choose melodies that blend with the narrative and visual footage. The music represents an additional layer to the emotional connection that we have for the characters of our stories.

First Person Voices


The use of first person voices is a great way to create an emotional link with the viewers. The first person voices read off camera by actors reading diaries, journals, letters and newspaper accounts.